Monday, 23 November 2015



So I saw this screenshot message from an older woman telling all younger women how to act in their marriages. She was of the opinion that ‘all men cheat’. Hours after, my cousin sends me a link to the picture and we start to talk about it. So she’s saying to me that she has friends who have told her the same thing and she wanted to know my opinion about it.

Personally I do not like to generalize simply because I have come to learn that every human is different in their own special way. So just because you have been in 1 or 2 relationships where your partner cheated on you doesn’t mean that every other person you meet in the future is also like that. I mean like; no human is the criteria for the world so why judge everyone in that light? I know there are people who would say otherwise and criticize what I am saying but that’s your opinion and we are all entitled to that. So you don’t have to agree with me.

This oft-repeated myth that ‘all men cheat’ in my opinion is just a myth. But women say it to each other when their friend’s boyfriend or husband is caught cheating and men say it to one another simply to comfort themselves and naturalize their infidelities.

People would say ‘men cheat’ because it’s in their nature to do so. Okay. But at the end of the day I think it all boils down to Principles. We are faithful to our partners simply because we made a commitment to do so and because we don’t want to hurt them. When relationships fall apart because of cheating, it’s because of betrayal and a breach of trust more than it is about the physical act of sex.

Relationships need to be based on trust and honesty, which means somewhere in the ‘getting to know you’ part, you would have shared your past experiences whether good or bad.  If you have been cheated on in the past, this can be a very devastating experience with far reaching effects. But like I always say, you have no business being in a relationship if you have emotional baggage and it’s an issue which exceeds the maximum weight. If you have emotional baggage big enough to fill an airport terminal then please you have no business being in a relationship until you sort yourself out. If you’re so badly hurt from past relationships that you can’t trust anyone, then you need to work on your issues and preferably alone.

I know men who have cheated and I know women who have cheated. So the myth that ‘all men cheat’ is not 100% true. Since Victorian times, women have been viewed as the ones responsible for maintaining ‘morality’ in society and keeping men in check. While men are viewed as penises (please excuse my being so straight forward) with legs; incapable of rational thought once faced with the prospect of touching a boob.

So when women say ‘all men cheat’ they are simply doing two things: enabling one another to stay in relationships with men who are sketchy, selfish liars, and two teach men that they aren’t accountable for their own behavior. Aside from that, the notion that ‘all men cheat’ is a lie.

I honestly don’t buy into the ‘men are ruled by their dick’ story-line. I think that’s just an excuse to let men off the hook in terms of accountability for their own behavior and reinforces untrue stereotypes.

What are your thoughts? Please share.
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  1. I agree. I come from a family that is ruled by principles. We learnt the importance and sanctity of marriage from my parents and I have brothers who are married and emulate that. Men are not ruled by their dick but their uncontrollable unsatisfiable greed. If you find sactisfaction in whom you have, have principles and fear God, there would be temptations but you have the choice to either overcome it or let it consume you. Without thinking about the consequences.

  2. I think men and women cheat but men have much more emphasis placed on them because theirs is quite obvious. Women are 'smooth operators' so people assume their innocence. Like they say, one bad apple spoils the bunch and this effect can never be reversed in terms of the belief that all men cheat. People will always believe that and use that as an excuse...

  3. I totally agree. Every human is responsible for their choices. Cheating is a choice. I personally think people are drowning in the "just manage" way of thinking. My dear just manage that's how men are. I can't imagine committing to a man and he thinks it's okay to sleep around. I face temptations too. I make a choice to stay faithful. I don't appreciate disrespect for my feelings and commitment cloaked as "all men cheat"

  4. You nailed it with the last two paragraphs babe


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