Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Am Back

I don’t exactly like cats, but I like the picture.

Well some time ago I blogged. Feels like a century ago, but for too many reasons I had to stop and just chill. (That is apart from the fact that I had writer’s blog) yes I’m feeling like a writer and if you don’t like it sorry. The problem is not me is you. Hehehehehehe. Anyway sha so in the midst of my break, I have decided to come back; as I don’t want all that is in my head to remain in there and just give me one huge headache cause am constantly wondering about it. See I would tell you a little secret about me. (I know how to over process a thought) so since I don’t want to go koko like I said earlier, I have decided to come back to blogging. Besides I went to read some of my old blogs (clears throat) is wa. That’s all I can say. Oh yes and I say *sha* a lot. Forget all the poshness flowing through my veins. I just have to add abit of razz to make it even spicier. I went to London to see the queen and I think she amazingly influenced my broken English. Loool. I have no idea the kind of friends I made, but they speak mad broken English when they want to be razz. Dammit.

Anyway I picked that up somehow (I hear my mother cursing in different languages that I don’t understand under her breath). Yes my mother is one of those old English women who can’t stand to hear me speak broken English. Ps. she is Nigerian oh. Just an extremely colonized one who doesn’t remember what her country looks like. Anyway sha me I like it and hate it in this country. I see myself as a traveller, everywhere I go is home. I have a funny way of easily adapting as long as I have the right peeps around me. Okay back to the matter open and close...sorry I just know how to break into a song like that. Oh yes and I have this friend yeah, we like to use words to sing as long as the word reminds us of a song. Okay okay back to earth yes where was I? Oh yeah at the part where I was about to end this talk. Oya you people can drop your welcome comments below and please recommend other blogs I can excitingly stalk. Oh and don’t forget to follow my beautiful self and get others to follow me too. Did I just ask for followers you say, but of cause if I don’t have followers, am I going to be telling my awesome self all these stories? #sigh *major side eye* now go and do as I say…oya sorry no vex am not commanding you am begging telling…Call it whatever you like biko. Abeg bye bye. Stay beautiful and don’t forget like me you’re just amazing.