Monday, 28 July 2014



They say you cannot step into the same water twice. True that. So for those of you who are wondering why I keep changing my blog look or whatever, please forgive me, am sorry. But am only trying to make it look better and sound better and have interesting stuff for you people to read so I don’t bore you. So many thanks to Toperants, a female 'blog consultant' and entrepreneur. Infact forgerabout she has plenty titles. Anyway, after a conversation ‘blog consulting’ with her…..loll I decided to take a closer look at my blog again. My idea about blogging was really just to express myself but also make it interesting. But after talking abi chatting (on twitter) with her, I decided to have some sort of focus on my blog. So basically, as a singleton, I talk a lot about relationships (yes they are very overrated) and the single life so that’s mostly what am going to be blogging about. Am not a relationship expert oh (if I was I won’t be single) but at least I can tell you what experience has taught me and the experiences of other people I know; who have been kind enough to share it with me and allow me to blog about it as well.

But you know how life can be sometimes abi, it has many hooks and turns oh so I would also rant yes rant about happenings in the world and life in general. Seeing that everywhere we look these days is one bad news or the other (now I know why I don’t really watch the news or listen to it) too much bad news it’s saddening. Anyway am looking to hold heads and hearts together with words, and write with the hope and passion that one person will  be better because he /she reads what I write.

So please follow me and tell you friends to follow me and their friends and friends’ friend. Thank you and enjoy the ride. As usual stay beautiful. 


  1. Yaaaay! Welcome back Chantel. Oh please I'm looking forward to pick some helpful tips and share some too.

  2. Alright, looking forward to the wisdom nuggets

  3. Me self don contact @Toperants oh. She sure is an exceptional blogger, one of a kind professional cos she shares her knowledge without holding back unlike the other top bloggers in her ranks!

  4. i started reading this and felt proud when u said u contacted my madam at the top @toperants, nice one and good luck dear.
    + most relationship experts are single o. so calm down. lol. nice blog layout you have .
    I have also been searching for how to subscribe to your blog via mail but cant find, no let toperants catch you o. Aproko from her older


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